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how come...

The Moon was hanging over them but it was nearly invisible because of the intense illumination; yet no one cared. They were still holding hands and something inside Zero was bubbling up, something suspiciously like laughter. But he held back and waited for Kaname to speak, to explain, to tell him anything. Because it seemed that his heart, too, was beating in the same rhythm as the wonderful tune of the music.

there is not enough of your sunshine...

But Kaname tugged his hand again and let it go, instantly making Zero conscious of the loss of heat and the reassuring sensation it embodied. “Wait here for a moment.” He spoke over the myriad of sounds and turned around swiftly and ran to the vendors like a child.

when I wait in the darkness...

Zero watched him go, closing his now empty hand compulsively. A soft tremor shook his body, but it was not unpleasant. Since they had met, for the first time they had spoken this little yet evoked this much emotion within each other. And it was comfortable even though a bit awkward and somehow frightening because of the unpredictability of the brunette. He was surprised with own reaction, too. Maybe the dam he had set before his own real feelings finally decided to obliterate his reason and common sense, he didn't know. But here he was still standing before the pond and waiting for the brunette to return instead of panicking and thinking of ways to return, to escape as quickly as possible. With a sinking heart, he realized the reason of it, but he didn't have any more power over it, nor over what his heart desired.

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