Friends Only ;)

Add comment to this post to be added if you think that we have things in common and can rock the world together XD.

But if you are some prejudiced person who think that they own the world and thus can spew whatever the hell they please in someone else's journal, then go away.

I don't need judgemental people, I don't need mocking people, I don't need people with no respect to others' preferences and interests. These can go burn in hell for all I care.

This journal is for my occasional PMSing, fandom blurbs, general craziness induced by the crazy world that I am living. The PMSing parts are locked for even my friends so don't worry, you won't hate your own life just because this person here hates it and rants about it.

I am generally extremely polite since I am most probably older than you, I consider myself mature enough to turn a blind eye to occasional irritating things. But this journal is where I relax so I won't tolerate any silliness and over the top comments here.

If you have the mentality of a snooty kid in a kindergarten, don't add. I am not talking about age here, I am talking about the attitude and the mindset. So please...

Other than this, have a nice day and peace out!

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